I've Found The One Tea Towel X Phillipa Finch

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-Linen and cotton mix tea towel
-Embroidered and screenprinted design
-Packaged in a printed gift envelope

About the artist
The Gradual Demise of Phillipa Finch is a highly acclaimed, and touchingly whimsical animated series through Hopscotch Films which brings acclaimed Australian artist Emma Magenta’s newest character Phillipa Finch to life. Toni Collette, one of Australias most treasured performers and multiple Emmy (United States of Tara) and Golden Globe winner is the voice and thoughts of Phillipa Finch.

The series follows Phillipa Finch, pin-up girl for the emotionally thwarted, as she tumbles back through her past relationships and reflects on her search, not just for love, but AMAZING love.

Phillipa Finch believes that a tea towel is a sacred cloth used to dry and polish her favourite vessels, restoring them to their zenith of glory. Never to mop up soup, tea or unsavoury surfaces…. ever!

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