Vibes Throw Blanket x David Shrigley
Please Go Away Clutch x Magda Archer
Curious Foot-Shaped Pedestal x David Shrigley
Cushion x Toiletpaper
Cushion x Toiletpaper
$170.00 AUD
My Life Is Crap Tea Towel x Magda Archer
Banana Table Lamp x Seletti
Only 2 left!
Little Puzzle Thing x Areaware
The Philosopher x David Shrigley
Dancing Ladies Tea Towel x Frances Cannon
David Shrigley Inflatable Swan-Thing
David Shrigley Be Nice Tea Towel
Afromuses Couple Tea Towels x Chris Ofili
Guerrilla Girls Pink Clutch
F**king Ace Air Freshener x David Shrigley
I've Done Everything Mug X David Shrigley
Louise Bourgeois Garden Tools and Apron
Dancing Ladies Tea Towel x Frances Cannon
Mina Stone: Cooking For Artists
Only 2 left!
Patrick Francis Tea Towel
Vibes Throw Blanket x David Shrigley

ART VAULT: How Jon Campbell's yeah flag project encourages people to think differently

Jon Campbell’s Yeah Flag has a broad history. It was first made for an exhibition in New Zealand in 2004. Since then the flag has been flown all over the world including the 2006 Commonwealth Games.
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