Ode À La Bièvre Pencil Set x Louise Bourgeois
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Designed in collaboration with the Easton Foundation using one of Louise Bourgeois's designs from her memorable textile book Ode À La Bièvre, Third Drawer Down are thrilled to present the coloured pencil set. Packaged as if to be a thin block of chocolate the set makes up a stunning textile artwork and features a coloured set of pencils and one lead pencil. A beautiful gift for the collector and art lover.

-Set of coloured pencils + one lead pencil
-17.5cm x 7cm

© The Easton Foundation  

About The Artist

About the Artist Louise Bourgeois was a French-born American artist who used her art to work through her experiences and seek calm and strength. She once said, "To give meaning and shape to frustration and suffering. The existence of pain cannot be denied. I propose no remedies or excuses." Her interior life was often the basis of her work. The feelings she tapped into were universal yet complex and affecting. Third Drawer Down first collaborated with her in 2008 for a retrospective at the Tate Museum. We have continued an on-going relationship with her trust, The Easton Foundation, to produce a series of objects inspired by her work available here.

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