Winter with Third Drawer Down

We're not your average winter hibernators here at Third Drawer Down. You won't see us banishing colour for tones of gray and resuming our winter position with the remote on the couch. Although, we do like couches, very much. Winter for us is when we step it up a notch colour wise, because it's cold and dark and in our colourful opinion, it's colour that adds warmth. 

So, what are the best ways to add warmth? Literally, it's with blankets and we will cover that, but not so literally it's with objects that make you smile, and accessible art products that go way beyond being seasonal. 

We have got some arr-mazing new finds in, hand picked just for turning winter frowns upside down. We're all about the products we make, our artist collaborations, sitting alongside the products we like. And there's a lot to like right now!

Let's start with ceramic. We love ceramic. Hand-built, splattered, spotted dreamy ceramic. We also love ceramic that comes in the shape of fun things, and not just boobs and bums, although our Group Partner pots are a must-have. The shapes we're talking this winter, to bring the colour, the joy and the unique are the shapes of chip packets and McDonald's fries from Hello Happy Plants. Straight outta Florida, these little nuggets of warmth are perfect for air plants (which yes, will survive winter) and other easy peasy plants like succulents, that (hooray) don't need drainage. Plus, no planter from this happy design studio is the same, each is hand cast and painted, so consider this like your winter pet if you wish. We're here to help with names. 


Winter is also that time where you're home more, and you want your surrounding to be singing. Singing mellow tunes about how perfect they are and how you only have two more months of winter hell to get through. New Tom Dixon is here to help. Our latest collection of marble and glass containers from the London studio is a brilliant way of adding freshness to your home or study space. Plus they are incredibly functional so you won't feel guilty about splurging on the stacking. 

If you're a pass on Tom Dixon, you won't be a pass on glass. Oh no. This milk glass is far too beautiful to turn your back on. Beautifully designed with special design details, and enough weight and sculptural beauty to sit alone or to be used with purpose. We love this collection so much, we may even bake a cake just to see that cake stand at it's best. or just buy macaroons, yes that's what we'll do. 

Now let's talk walls, and how tea towels love walls. We have collaborated with a beautiful bunch of modern and contemporary artists to create linen tea towels that double as artworks. Have them stretched to hang, framed or use our magnart system (easy to use magnets that make hanging a dream) to bring accessible art into your home in a big way. These are a few of our favourite designs for winter. And stay tuned for a very exciting release from David Shrigley! 


Our Del Kathryn Barton cosmic crime tea towel is a personal favourite of the artist herself, who reflects on painting this artwork as very reflective of her true self, or her dream self. 

The Sam Francis tea towel is the perfect smash of watercolour to brighten your walls for winter. Timeless and Iconic, we love his work. Plus, part proceeds go to the Sam Francis foundation. 

Eternally a favourite of the studio, this beautiful Chris Ofili Afromuse tea towel looks sensational stretched or framed and was originally made as part of his New Museum Retrospective. Chris Ofili is enjoying some wonderful success currently, so snapping up a part of this artist's journey is a great idea. 

Lastly, blankets. So we know we've had a moan about winter, but really, how nice is it getting snuggled up in bed or on the couch with a big blanket. You would marry that blanket. And we don't mean "throws" either people, a throw is not a blanket. Our blankets are big and warm and art for your snuggle. Tip: Chuck it on the wall once Summer rolls along! 

Thanks so reading. If you're in the northern hemisphere and about to hit Summer, you can have a smug giggle at this post. For the rest of us in Australia, it's ok, we have each other, and blankets. 

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