Warm Yo'Self

Winter you grump, with all your wind and tones of grey! It's not so bad though team because luckily we've got fresh new arrivals to chase away those blues and spin some winter happy vibes your way, we're talking about boozing with friends under sensational blankets of course! Blankets fit for walls post freeze fest!

We've just received a new shipment fresh from LA talented mega babe BFGF (google this chick) plus we are once again happily stocked with your favourite wholesome american brand Pendleton (accessories on the way too!) and a bunch of Tom Dixon cocktail accessories to cheer you the eff up. So, pour yourself a red red wine and get excited about warming yo'self. We are! 

Pendleton back in stock

Pendleton blanket

We're pretty, pretty excited about the latest from Pendleton, new towel and blanket designs have arrived plus we're re-stocked with your favourites. Side note, did you know Pendleton still use the same mill they've used since the 1920's? These are no ordinary towels (can't.stop.touching.the.softness) and no 'that will do' blankets, they really are amazing. Our range caters for those who want to slob under their Pendleton on the couch, cosy up in bed or adventure the night away with handy dandy roll up blankets. Go Pendleton.

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BFGF blankets at Third Drawer Down

 Oh the joy of blankets with ferns, bananas and the occasional Bart Simpson. BFGF has been a girl crush of ours for quite some time and we are so so happy to have a range of her delightful blankets once again, and boy are they selling fast, you guys have a crush on her too don't cha. We've seen these looking their best on walls but you can't go past the softness. You can do no wrong with BFGF. 


BFGF Desert days blanket

And finally, we promised you cocktail hour. The fanciest of cocktail hours has arrived, and if you love Tom Dixon like us you'll want it all. Hand blown glass accessories to house your garnishes and beautiful silver lined copper martini glasses you can basically see your reflection in make up the new PLUM collection. Team it with our Areaware whiskey rocks and you've got yourself a party fit for Alec Baldwin. 

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Tom Dixon cocktail collection

Happy winter, let's get warm and get this over with. 

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