That's GOLD!

So we painted our store gold. As in metallic 'C-3PO' gold. Star Wars reference there, it does actually have a name and it's "AquaGILD " by our friends at Porters Paints. These guys know colour and when we said we wanted to paint our store gold, and they said umm we are JUST about to release a beautiful gold and yes you can indeed paint your store gold, we knew, they were gold. So thank you Porters Paints, we adore you and your colour genius. 

Third Drawer Down Fiztroy

Third Drawer Down Fiztroy

In celebration of GLORIOUS GOLD, this is our that's gold edit. A mix of metallics and products we think are pure gifting gold. Plus a little playlist compiled by our in-store musical man Jeff. ENJOY!

That's in actually gold. Our Ottmar Horl Gnomes have been selling like crazy. Indoor gnomes are the new outdoor gnomes, you can totally put him in your garden if you wish though!

 That's gold...nope it's not actually you're right, but there is some gold! These desk plates are part of our fail-proof gifting. You cannot not like them. They are awesome. 

That's gold....beautiful paper foil gold oooAHHhhhhh! These paper vases all the way from the paper vase masters Octaveo in Barcelona, are the perfect gift or treat for yourself and your home. All you need is a glass of water to slide the vase over and boom, plus, she is double-sided. 

That's gold.....beautiful antique plates are given a new life with custom designs that make for insanely unique wall art. This is a special gift.

 That's in what's inside this little book of design magic and secrets upon secrets is gold. It's feel-good gold. Only $13 - another fail-proof gifting idea. 

That's in why didn't I think of that, THAT'S GOLD! This is the perfect KK gift for that person you don't reallllly know that well but pulled out of a hat or for your girlfriend who's always asking you to open jars, or just for your kitchen drawer, it's nice to give your kitchen drawer a present. 

The final that's gold is....our viral friend....the Ridiculous Inflatable Swan!
This blank-faced pool friend managed to speak to thousands of people this year, and we think that is pure gold. 

 Finally our playlist, from us to you with the aim of making you feel GOLDEN. 
Because you are.  

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