Open Closed Mart is an artistic mini mart that is without a time or a place. Created by Third Drawer Down, it is a new permanent and innovative retail concept located in the rear of their store and studio. It straddles reality, by mixing the real with the fake and making each visitor question the lines of both. Open Closed Mart is interactive, and a bit dreamlike.

Entering into the intimate Open Closed Mart, one will encounter a mini mart like no other. A place where you can purchase snacks, candy and soda, along with bags shaped like sandwiches, and mirrors disguised as Oreos. Bread sticks are wrist protectors, and limited edition Lucas Grogan toilet paper. An interactive photo wall painted by Silent Army allows visitors to turn their heads into an ear of corn, and you can stick your hand into the jar of pickles, and fish out a bottle stopper – shaped as such.

Third Drawer Down has welcomed our favourite artists to join the shelves of Open Closed Mart. So far our artists include Beci Orpin, P.A.M, Lucas Grogan, Dawn Tan, and the crew at Silent Army who have created exclusive limited edition product for Open Closed Mart. These are products you’d normally find in a mini mart – things like pasta, toothpaste, toilet paper and sugar cubes, designed as collectable artist editions available for sale exclusively at Open Closed Mart. This continues Third Drawer Down’s tradition of working with established and emerging artists both worldwide and local, but broadens the product range to include pretty much everything under the sun, from textiles to chocolate, lipstick to vegan foie gras.

Open Closed Mart is also a unique exhibition space, which will also host art shows and finely curated artist exhibitions.

Open Closed Mart is located at the rear of Third Drawer Down, 93 George Street, Fitzroy. The opening hours are 11-5 Monday through Saturday.

Brittney Bennett

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