How To Be A Badass Artist With Magda Archer

by Clear Water

Magda-Archer-Third-Drawer Down

1. Critique one of your products in 3 words, drawings, sounds or gestures.

1. My life is Crap (Tea-Towel) x Magda Archer
O.K., that’s four words but whose life isn’t crap at some point?  this little chap can make you feel a bit better, rigorous tests have been carried out.

2. Think of 3 artists throughout art history and pick (and elucidate, juicy details encouraged): One for a wild night out, One to collaborate with to make a new artwork, and One to paint your portrait or pose nude for?

One for a wild night out…

I’m torn between Damien Hirst & Jeff Koons. Can they both come out?
I’d start off with a couple of drinks somewhere, maybe some Chinese food..  then we'd go to the 'Lucky Voice' Karaoke place, my friend Kim recommended it & I’ve never got around to going.
I might suggest we all sing Tina Turner hits. I recently sang ‘Private Dancer' at a friend’s birthday party...
I murdered it, the key was too low, I seemed to be getting lower & lower, Jeez…I thought to myself 'lucky no one really knows me here' but throughout the party, people were coming up to me & saying oh THAT was YOU singing the Tina Turner track, it didn’t help that I was wearing a really loud coat since thrown out on the strength of my karaoke performance.
Or maybe we’d all sing Madonna hits- back to back- to celebrate her 60th birthday.
Part of the fun would be that both Jeff & Damien only seem to put it limited public appearances  & a big part of me would enjoy the awkwardness of trying to talk to them, to get to know them plus the singing.
But Jeff has that ‘rested look’ of 'eating clean' & going to bed by 9 pm so I can’t think he’d be up for it..oh well, the offer's out there, it’s on the table.

One Artist to collaborate with…

I’d like to collaborate with Mel Bochner or
Claes Oldenburg.I’m huge fans of both of them.
They seem cool, maybe they’d come out to the karaoke place too. Do you know those two? They are giants. I’m happier for seeing their works.

Which Artist would I pose nude for?

None, I’ll spare them all that particular experience but to paint my portrait? Andy Warhol or Vincent Van Gogh

3. Three life lessons that made you into a badass artist.

1. Don’t leave your paint brushes in water 
2. Owning a dog is good for your general health 
3. Read more, doesn’t matter what, just read.