dog wedding at third drawer down

Do you often find your hound longingly gazing out the window, spooning their toys tenderly or barking what sounds like 'marry me' in their sleep? Your dogs one true love is out there, and we're here to find them. Just call us Third Drawer Devotion!

Here's how it works, either email a few quick answers to the below questions and a photo of your pooch to our team of dog personality matchmaking experts at or simply tag us in a photo of your dog with the hashtag #thirddrawerdinder and we'll make sure they're registered to be matched up!

If you already have a pair ready to say I do, email through their names to to make sure they don't miss out. We have a lot of dogs to marry and if we don't have them all registered we can't guarantee their marriage will happen, which would be tragic. 

Props provided on the day, but feel free to go all out and catering with be provided by The Pet Grocer and Meatsmith. 

Here's the questions:

1. Name
2. Breed
3. Gender + Age
4. Barker/Non Barker
5. Interests
6. Annoying habit
7. Favourite park
8. Favourite food
9. Wanting puppies?
10. If I had a celebrity voice it would be..

We look forward to matching some dogs!! What's not to love about a dog wedding. We're barking exciting that's what. Loads more info to come on our Gala weekend so stay tuned and SAVE THE DATE!

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