Hi Art! ART SEE Museum Experience Dice Game
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An interactive, discovery game to shake up your next visit to the museum. Instead of taking selfies, be present with the art and your fellow visitors; look around, see what is not obvious at first, move your body and create your own mini-adventure in your favorite museum. ART SEE takes the intimidation out of art appreciation and making it accessible, fun, thought-provoking and different each time.

Making Art
- Accessible
- Educational
- Collectable

-Two-dice game to be played at your favourite museum, alone or with those you roll with
-Includes dice in a cup with instructions printed on the front of travel bag
-Bag Size: 15cm x 19cm (38.1" x 48.26")
-Cup Size: 8cm x 8cm (30.32" x 20.32")

This is ART SEE! from Third Drawer Down on Vimeo

About The Artist

Hi Art! takes the museum souvenir and reinterprets it as a fun and collectable educational tool for all ages that draws out modern & contemporary art history movements, artists, design and language. The ideas that shape and influence culture become bite-sized and digestible for the curious everyday art lover.

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