• Champfleurette #2 Tea Towel x Louise Bourgeois - Third Drawer Down

Champfleurette #2 Tea Towel x Louise Bourgeois

Precio habitual

The humble tea towel is one of Third Drawer Down's signature artist products. A practical and fun way to dry the dishes, it can also be stretched onto a canvas at your local framer and double up as an affordable artwork for your home. This beautiful linen print from Louise Bourgeois features the cat, an animal that appeared in many of Louise's works as a self portrait.

About the Artist
Louise Bourgeois was a French-born American artist who used her art to work through her experiences and seek calm and strength. She once said "To give meaning and shape to frustration and suffering. The existence of pain cannot be denied. I propose no remedies or excuses." Her interior life was often the basis of her work. The feelings she tapped into were universal yet complex and affecting. Third Drawer Down first collaborated with her in 2008 for a retrospective at the Tate Museum. We have continued an ongoing relationship with her trust, The Easton Foundation to produce a series of objects inspired by her work

Materials + care instructions
-100% Linen Tea Towel with Embroidery
-Cold machine wash

The Easton Foundation