Why we love the Guerrilla Girls

We first collaborated on a collection with the Guerrilla Girls in 2015, and were privileged to launch the collection with MoMA New York, a Museum that was once the subject of Guerrilla criticism. The collection has since gone bananas, pun intended, and we are thrilled to be expanding on the pink and welcoming new items, and new ways of making art accessible as the Guerrilla Girls intended, this August. 

Guerrilla Girls

But back to what we're here for, the love, what do we love about the Guerrilla Girls? Well after years of shaking up the art world with posters, stickers, lectures and billboards and challenging the prominence of male artists in museums as well as general sexism and corruption in the art world these incredible women are now exhibiting and being heard. Their Whitechapel Gallery show was incredibly important and well received and they followed it up with a public work at Tate Modern in London. They have officially been heard, and officially been named as one of the most influential artists of 2016 by Artsy AND officially made us so proud to be female and fight for the future. We love that they instil that in women and in particular women artists and teach them how to protest and make noise.

Guerrilla Girls for Artsy

Guerrilla Girls

We love them for being feminists and spreading that message but also for working tirelessly to banish the corruption that exists in the art world but supporting accessible art, and encouraging more people to be involved in art and express themselves; which is what Third Drawer Down is built upon. So bravo, we're with you ladies! 

But wait, the love doesn't stop there. WE LOVE THIS VIDEO. Because who doesn't feel empowered by being told to behave badly in the name of art and human rights! 

Enjoy and don't go changing Guerrilla Girls.