Can't make it to MoMA for Louise Bourgeois?

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There's no need to deny, that one of the best parts of going to an exhibition is exiting through the gift shop. We've all been guilty of spending more time here than in the exhibition, and that's why we love what we do. Creating that little piece of take-home magic for art lovers to cherish is ridiculously fun. 

With “Louise Bourgeois: An Unfolding Portrait" opening at New York's MoMA today we couldn't resist a walk through some of the items available to purchase in the gift shop. So it's just as easy for you to also exit through the gift shop - right here


The Louise Bourgeois Bone China Mug Set. 
10 am is When You Come to Me is a multipart work, consisting of twenty hand-painted sheets of musical score paper depicting the hands of the artist and those of her assistant Jerry Gorovoy. Adapted to a beautiful set of bone china mugs, beautifully gift packaged for the collector. 

The Louise Bourgeois Silk Eye Mask.
This one is a studio favourite. Abi had wanted to make this product since she met Louise in 2008. We worked closely with the Easton Foundation on this one, choosing the perfect image of Louise who was actually an insomniac herself. This looks just as beautiful on a mantlepiece displayed but is also of course fully functional and double-sided. 

Ode À La Bièvre Corkboard Coaster Set
Our best-selling coaster set featuring stunning works from Louise's fabric book 
"Ode À La Bièvre". 

The Cat Pouch 
A five-legged cat with a human face represents Louise, and is titled "Self Portrait". A beautiful work on a soft cotton, red lined pouch perfect for taking a little piece of Louise on travels or through your everyday. 

The Blue Circles Fine Bone China Plate. 
One of our first products with the artist, designed in collaboration with the Easton Foundation and Tate Modern in London. The imagery on each plate is from Louise's fabric book, Ode à l'oubli featuring collages made from fragments of her old clothing and household items. A beautiful item for everyday use or to add to your collection of wall art. 

More Louise Bourgeois x Third Drawer Down is available here

If you can get to MoMA (you lucky thing) why not share some photos with us! The third-floor exhibition is being written up as revelatory. Revealing much more than just the late artist's sculptural work. Ie Her giant spider is not the main event here. 

What we would give to be able to visit one of our favourite museums to see this amazingly curated journey through one of our favourite artist's archives. I guess for now we will just sip tea from our Louise Bourgeous Mug and rest easy in our Louise Bourgeois silk eye mask, knowing that it's on until January and we may still win the lotto before then. 

If you don’t find yourself in New York while the exhibition is up, through the end of January, never fear, moma has digitized almost all of the prints and books in its Bourgeois archive and launched an invaluable Web site