Artcrush. Instalment 3: Paul Hodges

por Clear Water

Our latest instalment of Artcrush is Melbourne's own Paul Hodges.  This talented artist has been gracing the studio and walls of Arts Project Australia since 2005,  and his 'Green Lady' tea towel has found a home on the walls and in the Third Drawer's Down of hundreds of savvy art lovers. 
Paul Hodges works as both a painter and a ceramicist.  His work is dream-like, romantic and gentle, and often inspired by models, dancers and the old masters.  We have been a fan of Paul's for years now,  and are so glad he's our 3rd instalment of Artcrush.


1. What song/album do you have on repeat at the moment?

At the moment I am listening to Ariana Grande’s new song ‘My Eveything’. It’s a happy song and makes me feel happy when I listen to it.

2. Could you take a photo of something and tell us a story about it? 

 This is a bottle of wine and a paintbrush left over from a life drawing class. The artists enjoyed a glass of wine in between painting the model. They had a nice time.

3. What are your 3 favourite products from our store? 

1) Altered Antique Ceramic Plate x Colin the Cougar

2) Goat Tall Vase

3) Enamelware Mug

4. Is there an artwork of yours that you're most proud of and why?

 The Geisha series, because it sold a lot. I’m especially proud of the red Geisha. I saw the movie The Geisha and thought it was a very beautiful film and the Geisha was amazing.