Wacky Wonderful Wall Art Tips with Jeff

by Clear Water

Blank walls make us sad. That's why we always want to continue collaborating with our artists on new tea towels, handkerchieves, scarves and ceramic to help you access unique ways to wake up your walls - that won't break the bank.

One of the biggest ambassadors for getting textiles on walls is our Fitzroy Store Manager and all-round-dooode; JEFF! We asked Jeff to share some secrets, not the deep dark kind, the framing kind - sorry. So here he is to break it down, we'll cut straight to the chase though, there's not much to it when it comes to nailing your wall art game!  

First things first, our tea towels can and should live on walls. Framing them is the best way to savour their beauty, they are a digital print after all so they will fade just slightly in the sunlight over time, however, we are also so excited by seeing them stuck to walls with colourful tape or chunky clips OR via our magnetic system 'magnart' which leads to Jeff's first tip.


These tiny magnetic strips can be easily stuck to your wall, and the magnetic button that then attaches your new wall friend to its new home looks really great! We use them a lot in the studio, as it becomes super easy to change what you want featured - one week we might be feeling like the Del Kathryn Barton Silk Scarf and the next it could be Patricia Piccinini! Magnart is available online and in-store and really is just one of those things you should have in your third drawer down ;) (see what we did there)


Quite often we're asked, "but how do I get the creases out of my linen tea towel?" It's true, they are beautifully packaged in a lovely sleeve and post opening you will need a good iron to get them wall-ready. We recommend a rinse in cold water to soften them up first and then ironing on both sides with steam. Yes, you can iron the digital print side, however, giving the back a solid iron with lots of steam, (three rounds at least) will give you the best result. 


We offer framing in-store currently which starts at $125 + your chosen Tea Towel but if you can't get to us then you're going to want to go to a good framer and opt for either having it stuck down to a backing card/board or stretched onto canvas first also looks incredible. Feel like doing it yourself? We like your style. Follow our ironing tips above and go for the sticking method using double-sided tape before you sit it behind glass or perspex. 


Got some colourful tape in the drawer? Boom - stick a tea towel on the wall ala Luke - our Instagram pal. Check it out. 

OR experimenting with pegs is also fun! 


Better safe than sorry. We also hang ours in-store on two of the large 3M hooks as to avoid a nasty crash in the night. 

In terms of how to cluster and hang and lean frames on the floor etc we hate to tell you how to do that as we know you're all capable of making the most out of your happy spaces - and we like to remind people to push the boundaries or not listen to the rules - what looks great in a magazine may not be the right thing for your home so just have fun! 

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