Magnart Hanging System

$14.00 AUD

Magnart is a strong, good-looking, non-invasive reusable magnetic display system that doesn’t damage the work or the surface on which it is attached. Don’t hang, pin, or stick it. Magnart it.

Magnart is smart, intelligent and works well in any room of the house, office, boat, studio, gallery, shed or garage. Magnart organizes, displays, advertises and exhibits any permanent or temporary need.

Magnart is limited only by your imagination!

Magnart Bulk 100 kit contains:
101 Backing Plates
100 Magnets
100 Adhesive Tabs

Magnart Bulk 24 kit contains:
24 Backing Plates
24 Magnets
24 Adhesive Tabs

Magnart Bulk 50 kit contains:
50 Backing Plates
50 Magnets
50 Adhesive Tabs

Magnart Bulk 4 pack contains:
4 Backing Plates
4 Magnets
4 Adhesive Tabs



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