About Us

Founded by Abigail Crompton in Melbourne, Australia, Third Drawer Down has been making art accessible since 2003. 

Abigail is an artistic force for good and is dedicated to making great art part of everybody’s every day. 
Third Drawer Down studio collaborates with artists to reimagine their works into objects. Objects that are thought provoking, entertaining, interesting and made with care. 
Abi explains it all started with existential wonderings ‘what is art ?’ This question led to the original Third Drawer Down Studio project.
Abi took the humble tea towel and reimagined it into a conduit for art. A project that continues today. 
Third Drawer Down has collaborated with more than 200 international artists since 2003 and has worked with the worlds most loved institutions. 
Third Drawer Down has grown into a global business. It retails and wholesales made objects via its owned companies and distribution hubs in Australia, the US, UK and Asia. 
Designing, making and manufacturing objects of desire. 
"To create is to be" - Abigail Crompton


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Retail Order Enquiries: orders@thirddrawerdown.com

Media & Media Loan Enquiries: press@thirddrawerdown.com

Wholesale Enquiries: wholesale@thirddrawerdown.com 

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