Artists for Gender Equality on Artsy

by Clear Water

The Girl Power movement as it has been coined of late is a whole lot more than women supporting women in a man's world, it spans across all areas of life and all industries but today we want to shed something special shedding light on the art industry, and the unfortunate lack of equality. Never has there been a time where we have felt more proud to have collaborated with the number of female artists we have and do, and never have we felt so empowered by so many of them making noise and speaking with poise and brilliance on the ongoing gender equality battle that still exists in the art industry. To the point, and why you're here, the wonderful Artsy has teamed up with GUCCI in gathering together artists for a series titled Artists for Gender Equality

Featuring Marilyn Minter, Miranda July, Petra Collins and many more, it is a must-watch, a must-read, a must-absorb and a must-must-must-talk about and support - and a project we had to share. 

"Men have always dominated the Western art world, from the revered “Old Masters” to the heroic, hyper-masculine Abstract Expressionists. And although women artists have seen greater exposure in recent years, the reality is that they continue to lag behind men across every metric—including the prices their works command at auctions, their representation in gallery rosters, and their presence in museum collections."

Read more here and be sure to watch the video. 

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