The Girl Gang & Susan Sarandon!

by Clear Water

So Susan Sarandon came into Third Drawer Down and we all lost our minds. 

The end. 

No we've still got more to say, boy do we have more to say, but seriously SUSAN SARANDON! The lady gods were on our side because on the evening of our Girl Gang window take-over the mega femme super actress with amazing morals and very good taste in bomber jackets was shopping up a Third Drawer Down storm. She joined us for a photo, because she's a legend, and we carried on eating watermelon and covering the window in amazing girl power art. 

The gang of all woman super talent included Frances Cannon, Esther Olsson, miso, Miranda Skoczek, Beci Orpin, Julia Laskowski, Abbey Rich, Holly van Who, Kit Palaskas, Alice Oehr, Madeleine Stamer, Celeste Mountjoy, Montana Kitching, Tal Fitzpatrick and Angie Pai. And may we just say, go girls and go Melbourne! 

Paints scattered the floor, lady power ballads filled the air and friendships formed and flourished as our Fitzroy window was transformed into a mini exhibition of tit-ilising works celebrating women who create. We are absolutely blown away with these women and their sense of community and generosity when it comes to spreading a message they believe in, and with their ability to all do something different with the boob brief. 

From felt, linen, acrylic and even a boob bouquet this window is one we will cherish forever, we hope you can make it down to have a look! 

Here's some oh'so happy snaps from the night. 


miso illustration