Artcrush 8. Del Kathryn Barton

by Clear Water

Del Kathryn Barton for Third Drawer Down

We could sit and pick Del Kathryn Barton's magical mind all day if it were up to us, so it was very difficult to grab a short and sweet insight into her life, process and goals but here goes, our Artcrush interview with the wonderful Del Kathryn Barton. 

1. You're our first 'Artcrush' for 2016! Who would you say is your #1 art-crush?
I don’t think it is humanly possible to have a single art-crush at any given time, but I have been looking again recently at the great George Condo! I bow down!

2. We just discovered that you're also a mountain climber & instructor! Are there any similarities for you between finishing an artwork and climbing a mountain?
My passionate rock-climbing days do feel like a life-time ago! Climbing is the only passion that ever rivalled my passion for my creative practice! I climbed extensively all through my twenties around the world and working as an instructor and course-setter at Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym for many years was a perfect part-time job supporting my studio-life. AND, in answer to your question, YES I do feel like my experience as a climber helped grow a strong mental fortitude, staying calm in stressful situations!

3. Your works portray a love of nature. Where's your favourite place to escape in Australia?
So many! Time spent in the landscape is critical to my life! Given the demands of working and home life, our very accessible little birds-nest escape up at Whale Beach (with the most stupendous view of the ocean) has become my spiritual home! I have to pinch myself every time I arrive there. I did however just get back from Kangaroo Island and have completely fallen in love with this remote, dinosaur land-scape!

Del Kathryn Barton
Image via Dumbofeather.

Kangaroo Island
Image via Mark Piovesan Photography

4. What other themes would you say you're trying to uncover with your work?
This is such a big, hard, important question! Yikes! Connectivity, the empowered female body, longing, the name a few...

Del Kathryn Barton

Del Kathryn Barton

Del Kathryn Barton

5. Any hints of what's to come for 2016?
I have so many dream projects bubbling away at the moment! My next film RED will be finished this year, a solo show at Roslyn Oxley 9, multiple works at the HKAF, the Miami Art name a few!

6. Another tough one, but favourite piece from your collection with Third Drawer Down Studio? 
Has to be the scarf! Constant Wonder!
Del Kathryn Barton Scarf
7. Last but not least, we love our Artcrush's to share a snap of one of their prized possessions and give us a quick run down on the brilliance. 
This is Cherry-bomb. C
herry-bomb is my little guru, I just want to be more zen like she is! oh and that lazy tongue just keeps me laughing all day!

Del Kathryn Barton's Dog Cherry Bomb
*heart explodes* We love you cherry-bomb!
Thank you Del!