ARTCRUSH. Instalment #4 Jon Campbell

by Clear Water

Our latest instalment of Artcrush is Melbourne's own Jon Campbell.

Jon has injected a healthy dose of humour to the Australian art world in the last 30 years, poking fun at the Australian vernacular and the phrases and slang we use every day. His works such as Yeah, Chicken Parma and Pot, Pure Bewdy and Beer O'Clock tip a hat to suburbia (Jon grew up in the Western suburbs of Melbourne).  We have been lucky enough to work with Jon since 2009 making everything from stubby holders, beach towels and even condoms.  In this instalment of Artcrush, we've spoken to Jon Campbell about what albums he's had on repeat lately, his current favourite guitar (he is a musician too), and what he's been doing lately at Art Basel in Hong Kong.

We are happy to launch our newest limited edition tea towel with Jon - All You Need is Love

Jon has also just launched a new book - Lettering

Jon Campbell is represented by Darren Knight Gallery 

1.    What song/album do you have on repeat at the moment?

 The song, Pauline Hawkins by the Drive By Truckers, classic American rock. Otherwise it’s some of my long time fav’s, Velvet Underground, Sunnyboys, Replacements, Lower Plenty, Fairport Convention, Kinks, Big Star.


2.    Could you take a photo of something and tell us a story about it? 


This is a pic of my Danelectro guitar. They were originally made in the USA in the 50’s  & 60’s. Mine is an early 90’s Korean re-issue.  Distinguishing features are the Masonite construction (to save costs) and the ‘lipstick’ pickups. (good name for a band!). It is said Danelectro’s have a special, bright and gnarly tone – wiry and edgy. I agree and would add, looks good, feels good, is good.


3.    What are your 4 favourite products from our store? (These products will be shown alongside the story/interview)

Plains Star Jacquard Towel x Pendleton

Afromuses couple tea towels x Chris Ofili

Heroin and Cocaine salt and pepper shakers, x David Shrigley

Loud and Clear post it notes


 4.    What did you think of your recent  trip to Hong Kong for Art Basel? Did you have a favourite artwork?


Image from the Darren Knight Booth 

There wasn’t one particular work that stood out. There are so many artworks it’s a little overwhelming and does become a bit of a blur. I didn’t photograph anything as the punters were going nuts taking thousands of photos, I did wonder what they were going to do with them all.

  I was more focused on spending time in the Darren Knight booth with my own work. The Alexie Glass curated section ‘Encounters’ had some ambitious solo presentations and I was amazed at all the secondary market works on offer.