• Giant Paint Brush - Third Drawer Down

Giant Paint Brush

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Paint the town rainbow with this giant paint brush. This is the wooden real deal with proper bristles making it a masterpiece in its own right. It comes with hanging screws so you can attach it to the wall.

-Dimensions: 2m

You might ask....why all the giant stuff?
It all comes back to art. It always does. We are constantly inspired by artists such as Claes Oldenburg and his giant floor burger, and Jeff Koons's puppy. These works of 'gigantism' are statements as much as they are sculptural. Our range of giant objects is a way of paying tribute to these artists and many other pop-art heroes, and also having fun with art, and allowing you to have more fun with your spaces!

Not in Australia? This item is heavy and thus our flat rate shipping does not apply - sorry!

Note: this item is too large to be gift wrapped, thank you for your understanding.