Battles Pillowcase Set X Mike Mills

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Third Drawer Down Studio presents their collaborations with Mike Mills 'Battles' a gorgeous set of pillowcases featuring a watercolour rainbow print, with meaning to pay attention to.  

BATTLES, 1000 Hand Painted Rainbows, 2008 The rainbows were painted with children's watercolor sets, on standard 8.5 in x 11in paper. "While I was growing up in California, in the 1970's rainbows were a common visual icon. In this sense the rainbow was a sentimental reminder of that time; vaguely representing positivity, beauty, nature, magic, but all reduced to a cliche. In reality, rainbows happen when light waves hit water particles in the air at just the right angle, refracting the wave into its separate colours, the colours which are always there but we do not see. In another 70's California reality, the rainbow was becoming the symbol for Gay pride."

About the Artist:
Mike Mills works as a filmmaker, graphic designer, and artist. As a filmmaker, he has completed a number of music videos, commercials, short films, documentaries and feature films. His short films have premiered at the Sundance, Oberhausen, Stockholm International, New Directors/New Films and Rotterdam film festivals. He adapted and directed his first feature, Thumbsucker (2005), from Walter Kirn's novel of the same name. The movie won awards at the Sundance and Berlin film festivals for lead actor Lou Taylor Pucci, and Mr. Mills was honored with the Guardian New Directors award at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. His next feature as director was the documentary Does Your Soul Have a Cold? (2007). As a graphic artist, Mr. Mills has designed album covers for such bands as Sonic Youth, The Beastie Boys, Boss Hog, and Buffalo Daughter; and has also done extensive work for companies such as X-girl, Marc Jacobs, and Supreme. He has had solo art shows at the Andrea Rosen Gallery (1996); Adam Bray Gallery in London (1997); The Alleged Gallery (1996, 2001, and 2004); The Collette Gallery (1998); and The Mu Museum in Holland (2004). His work was featured in the Beautiful Losers exhibitions at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati and at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts in San Francisco, as well as in Aaron Rose and Joshua Leonard's documentary feature Beautiful Losers (2008). A monograph of his work, Mike Mills: Graphics Films, was published by Damiani in 2009. Mr. Mills was born in Berkeley, California and graduated from Cooper Union.

100% Cotton Pillowcase Set 
Edition of 1000

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