Seated Figure Tea Towel x Albert Gleizes

$45.00 AUD

Third Drawer Down Studio in collaboration with Albert Gleizes’ estate and LACMA have created an open-editioned linen tea towel with Gleizes’ 1920 work Seated Figure. Painted in the latter half of his career it is a distinct piece that highlights his roots in Cubism but confirms his highly individual and evolving style.

About the Artist:
Albert Gleizes was a French painter, printmaker and theorist who worked up until a year before his death in 1953. He was the self-proclaimed founder of Cubism and a hugely influential figure of the School of Paris. Gleizes was also instrumental in the introduction of modern art to an American audience in the landmark 1913 Armory Show exhibition in New York. Most notably, Gleizes was one of few artists that came out of Cubism with a wholly individual style and was cognisant of the need to keep evolving and never falling back on his earlier artistic styles.

100% Linen, gift packaged
Size: 50 x 70cm

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