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Not given the token name by designer brothers 'Candles with Soul' for nothing! There is hours of work that goes into each one of these puppies. Each candle design is unique and handcrafted by the brothers. They start with clay models, construct moulds and then the work begins in the eye candle studio amongst their team of specially trained artisans in bringing each design to life. 100% handmade! If you're a pug lover, you just gotta right? 

About the Designer
Eye Candle Studio is the brain-child of two visionary brothers, Kevin and Yuan, from Taiwan. These animal-loving creatives had a dream to produce unique designs that were much more than just scented candles - and so Eye Candle Studio was established in 2012.

Their collections feature life-like animals, and creepy-but-cool pieces of anatomically inspired art and more in their Lab Collection range.

Materials + care instructions
-Scent: Vanilla + caramel
-Trim the wick to just under a centimetre. When it comes to candle burning a short fuse is a plus, just try not to adopt this trait in other areas of your life.
-Place the candle in a sturdy container to collect dripping wax. Like your mother always said, there’s no point crying over spilt wax. Right?!
-Do not place the candle on any unstable objects. Jenga towers are not suitable candle holders, neither are wobbly tables or three legged dogs.
-Remove all flammable objects from around the candle before lighting the wick.
-Keep an eye on your candle. Now wouldn’t be a good time to leave the house for an impromptu walk or to head off on vacation.

-Dimensions:7.5 x 10 x 9.5cm

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