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In issue 2 of the dog-centric magazine Four&Sons drops in on creatives and their canine buddies at work and play: designer Thakoon Panichgul on the eve of Fashion Week, artist Wes Lang in his studio, and indie darling Carrie Brownstein on Portlandia’s off season. Also featuring the dark arts of Roger Ballen and psychedelic illustrations of Matt Furie the issue pays homage to icons living and legendary; digging up the riotous history of the 'hair of the dog' maxim and offering dog-centric cultural tips.

Featuring: Nacho Alegre, Pia Arrobio, Atelier Ace, Roger Ballen, Carrie Brownstein, John Darwell, Sam Edmonds, Lucian Freud, Matt Furie, Sophie Gamand, Sébastien Gaudard, Amy Hempel, Daniel Johnston, Anna Kleberg, Thakoon Panichgul, Robin Schwartz, Romance Was Born, Ware of the Dog, William Wegman, Bruce Weber and Eric Yahnker.




144 pages

21.5 x 27.5cm



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