Ottmar Hörl Gnome To Go Keyring
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We've heard your pleas Third Drawer Down customers, and we now bring you the much loved Ottmar Hörl Gnome but pocket sized! Take your offensive little friend with you here, there and everywhere! Not your average gnome. A sculpture to stand as art, in celebration of art for the everyday.

"Hörl makes art - but his art is not supposed to be in - or excluded, but rather as a companion of everyday life"

-6.5cm x 3cm x 3cm

About The Artist

Ottmar Hörl is a German conceptual artist, sculptor, installation, action, photography, and object artist. He achieved worldwide popularity due to his radical, avant-garde art concepts as well as large-scale projects featuring serial sculptures in public spaces, based on his distinctive definition of sculpture as an organisational principle. He is considered an "offensive and direct strategist campaigning for a new type of public art" and the most successful artist creating multiples, an artist implementing his vision of art for everyone and promoting the democratisation of sculpture like no other so far.

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