WHAT IS ART? Abi launches her tea towel project with Australian artist David Wlazlo, screen printing his artwork titled Static White Noise onto her first run of linen Tea Towels (it's the entire Australian Consitution hand-written) The tea towels are printed in Melbourne and hand numbered.



A BEST-SELLER IS BORN. Mamma by James Gallagher is produced on linen as a limited edition tea towel, the run of 500 sells out and an art multiple business begins to bloom.

ART AS ART : The art as art project launched in July 2005. It provided souvenirs from great ideas and questions of conceptual art and came about as an idea before Abi was actually collaborating with artists - as homages to her favourite artists. The quotation mark is a common and powerful thing, it's a reminder that we need to continually question our preconceptions about language, meaning and originality.



BESPOKE, BABY. The Studio is standing, and walking! Abi and her team begin making bespoke products for international museums like the Tate and MoMA as Third Drawer Down Studio.

HELLO DAVID SHRIGLEY. A now decade-long collaboration is born. Abi reaches out to one of her art idols and says 'we like drinking tea and we love you, let's work together!' Into production goes David's first ever tea towel titled Let Me Know When I Am No Longer Needed and I Shall Go.



I HAVE BEEN TO HELL AND BACK. And let me tell you it was wonderful. A major collaboration with Louise Bourgeois and the Easton Foundation for the Tate Modern puts Third Drawer Down Studio on the map.

FITZROY FOREVER. Abi converts a garage down a Fitzroy side-street into an objects emporium. Carefully chosen products from her favourite makers around the world sit alongside artist tea towels and collectables and the museum gift-store experience is expanded upon and challenged in a fun, accessible way. 93 George Street becomes a Melbourne happy place and our beating heart!


DREAMING. Third Drawer Down collaborates on a set of embroidered pillowcases with Miranda July. ‘Here you will dream of endless kissing’ and ‘Here you will dream of people you admire exposing your fraudulence’. A dream collaboration for dreaming upon, what a dream!

2009 pt.2


PROUD MOMENTS. Third Drawer Down collaborates with John Baldessari for the Tate Modern. A proud moment to have a collection of objects and textiles sit alongside the exhibition John Baldessari: Pure Beauty - with a tote featuring one of our all-time favourite quotes to live by "I will not make any more boring art"

LET THERE BE PLATES. Originally a collaboration with Rose Gallery in Santa Monica for its release - the Martin Parr plate was a huge success and meant the studio was no longer all about tea towels, ceramics were here!



MIKE MILLS! Third Drawer Down first collaborated with Mike Mills on a condom for Abi's Free Condom Project - but that's another story! These pillowcases featured an artwork very close to Mike's heart - Battles - done with a children's watercolour set. "While I was growing up in California, in the 1970's rainbows were a common visual icon. In this sense the rainbow was a sentimental reminder of that time; vaguely representing positivity, beauty, nature, magic, but all reduced to a cliche. In reality, rainbows happen when light waves hit water particles in the air at just the right angle, refracting the wave into its separate colours, the colours which are always there but we do not see. In another 70's California reality, the rainbow was becoming the symbol for Gay pride."

SOME POLITICAL PERSPECTIVE. Abi was incredibly inspired by Ai Weiwei's documentary Never Sorry and knew she had to find a way to work with him! She asked her only friend in Hong Kong if he has a connection and he happened to party in the same circles - an introduction was made and the rest is history as they say!



NEW YORK, I LOVE YOU. YOU TOO JEFF KOONS. A challenging and rewarding collection of objects is produced in collaboration with Jeff Koons for the Whitney in NYC. A milestone!

DEAR ART COLLECTOR. Third Drawer Down partnered with MoMA to celebrate the Guerrilla Girls turning 30 alongside our incredibly accessible collection of products. Members of the Guerrilla Girls attended the celebration & this really was the start of our move into increasing our support for female artists.



WELCOME BACK SFMOMA! The unveiling of the new SFMOMA in 2016 was HUGE and we were thrilled to be a part of re-launching the museum design store with a range of very fun, collectable objects, including a range adapting the works of Roy Lichtenstein.

2017 saw our David Shrigley Ridiculous Inflatable Swan-Thing take flight (virtually) when it was re-tweeted 35,000 times thanks to a post from an art-lover Ollie! We were sending floats from Texas to Tahiti - and it still hasn't stopped. The summer of Shrigley rolls on!



THIRD DRAWER DOWN TURNS 15! Let them eat cake & collaborate! What a year it has already been! We have...

Launched a USA company
Collaborated with our art shero Cindy Sherman in support of +Pool (an amazing water-filtering pool project in NYC!) Worked with our friends at the High Line New York on a collection with art royalty Dorothy Ianonne Launched five new wholesale collections and two new artists collabs(soon to be announced!)