A Swan Sensation

von Clear Water

So a funny thing happened, our David Shrigley Ridiculous Inflatable Swan-Thing went viral. 



A collaboration with our ten-year collaborator, British artist David Shrigley, the Ridiculous Inflatable Swan-Thing floats on the satire the artist is famous for. Is it meant to look so phallic? Is it making fun of the inflatable swan trend? Or is it really just a Shrigley-eske Swan!? We are happy for you to decide for yourself. Whatever it is, it is ridiculous and glorious. Just like everything David does. 

Get your piece of David Shrigley history now here and have a look at the buzz below. From over 70,000 twitter retweets to BuzzFeed, Teen Vogue and beyond. We feel so humbled to have been a part of a swan sensation! So much more to come from us and David Shrigley. Get set for Christmas!