The Long Awaited Playing Cards x Patricia Piccinini
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Third Drawer Down in collaboration with Patricia Piccinini presents the Curious Affection collection - a collection of art objects and accessories celebrating one of Australia's most successful artists and her incredibly moving, unique work.

A bit about this work? Well, The Long Awaited is currently on display as part of her exhibition at GOMA & is it made of silicone, fibreglass, human hair, leather, plywood and clothing. When asked about this work Patrica says "It is one thing to argue for/against cloning when it is just an intellectual issue. However, things change if you have a mother or son who might need it. I like to think that my work understands that the point at which ‘good’ becomes ‘bad’ does not stand still, which is why it is so difficult to find. Ethics are not set like morals, they have to be constantly negotiated." More than meets the eye - always.

-Standard card size
-Packaging: 6.5cm x 9cm x 1.8cm


Patricia Piccinini, The Long Awaited, 2008.
© Patricia Piccinini

About The Artist

Last year, Patricia Piccinini was responsible for the world’s most visited exhibition of contemporary art. She is one of Australia’s most successful artists, representing on a global scale and we could not be more thrilled to finally be collaborating on a collection of keepsakes and art objects that hero some of her most talked about works. Currently exhibiting Curious Affection at Queensland Art Gallery, Patricia Piccinini works out of her Melbourne studio and through her often confronting work addresses how contemporary ideas of nature: the natural and the artificial are changing our society. Many works have addressed concerns about biotechnology, such as gene therapy and ongoing research to map the human genome... she is also fascinated by the mechanisms of consumer culture. (Adapted from a biography by The National Gallery of Australia) “My work always begins with drawing. I develop my ideas using drawing and then when I feel that it is starting to become something worth making, I start to think about how it might be made. The medium tends to come as I start to think about how best to express a particular idea, whether that might be photography or sculpture or a more resolved sort of drawing. Sometimes there is some sort of materiality that I want to work with and other times it is about how I might best connect viewers with the ideas. At that point, I start to think about fabrication.”

About Us

Third Drawer Down was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2003, as a project producing limited edition artist tea towels as prints-on-linen. Third Drawer Down has grown into a global business, companies in Australia and United States (fall 2018), and has collaborated with some of the world's most influential contemporary artists. Making homewares and gifts with an uncompromising dedication to artistic integrity, functionality and accessibility is at the core of the company's ethos.


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