Kids Accessories

Here you will find the rest of the kids stuff, all hand chosen to put a glint in the eye of anyone under 12. We also fully condone the purchase of these objects for people over the age of 12, because big kids are people too.
61 results
Wink Backpack
$90.00 AUD
Fried Egg Necklace
$62.00 AUD
Pull & Hop Bunny
$58.00 AUD
Retro Silver Slinky
$18.00 AUD
Rounded Stacker
$42.00 AUD
Sold Out
Propellor Jet
$20.00 AUD
Salami Notes
$20.00 AUD
Yodelling Bacon
$14.00 AUD
Cupcake Toothpaste
$10.00 AUD
Bacon Tape
$9.00 AUD
Nailmatic Duo Pack
$28.00 AUD
Totem Eraser Pencil
$10.00 AUD
Palm Tree Pen
$8.00 AUD
LED Ice-Cream Light
$12.00 AUD
Gigantic Fake Plop
$10.00 AUD
Log Pencil Truck
$22.00 AUD
Pizza Eraser Set
$7.00 AUD

61 results

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