Who Are We? Get the facts.

Hello! So you want the facts? We like that, and we like you. First though, an introduction. 

We think we're a bit special, in a modest way, and a bit more than giant stuff and things shape like poo. It all leads back to art, it always does. We are first and foremost a design studio, collaborating with incredible artists and (hopefully) changing and expanding the direction of art merchandise! We want our Third Drawer Down online and retail space to be a happy place, a place that combines what we do, with what we like.

These five facts are a bit of fun, and hopefully, something that might come up next time you're chatting about where to find original, unique gifts and collectible art objects for your home! 

Much love from us and thanks for reading!

Third Drawer Down About Us


Love art too? Follow us @thirddrawerdown.com 
+ we're also available for art chats, you can contact us below about wholesale, custom design or retail whenever your heart desires!


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