Top Five : Fighting the Post-Holiday Blues

Well we are officially into January and officially pumped about 2018. You heard us, ain't nothin' guna break our stride - not even you alarm clock. It can be tough though, going from days of freedom to having to remember all your passwords again (and show up for work of course) BUT, without sounding like a self-help advertisement, this too shall pass PLUS there really is a lot to be excited about when it comes to a new year. We have always looked to art to speak to us and perk us up, and so if you too find yourself looking for a perk, look no further. Below are our blues busters, it's time to ACCEPT THE GOOD. 

Below you'll find blues busters for your wall, your desk, your kitchen and your mates. 


 One word that makes you feel good, especially when you say it with attitude, is yeah! 
Try it! 
The Jon Campbell yeah tea towel is the perfect linen print for your wall.

  There's a reason the Life is Fantastic is a best seller. Because David Shrigley is fantastic mainly but also because people love to be reminded of how fantastic life can be, we all need to be. This one looks amazing framed - versatile in it can be a feature in a kids bedroom or live and generate good vibes in a lounge or bedroom. A favourite. 

Did you know Abi (our founder and boss lady) actually came up with these words? They are big amongst the Third Drawer Down crew, and we hope with you too. There is so much good. 

We wanted to include the You're Pretty puffy sticker card in the line-up because one thing we want to embrace in 2018 is random acts of kindness. Imagine just randomly getting this card in the mail! Warm fuzzies all round. Send it to a friend, and tell them you love them. It's a blues buster all round. 


Hustle hustle! Get this one on your desk. 
You are amazing. 


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