The Only Kris Kringle Guide You Need

Hello Kris Kringle shoppers! You have come to the right place, from fake poo to fake body parts we have got you sorted, you will, with our help, be master of the Kris Kringle gift givers this year - and that's a promise. 

Kris Kringle/Secret Santa, whatever you want to call it, it is normally done on a budget from $5-$30 and below you will find an array of gifts within this budget. You'll notice we are big on making people laugh this Christmas, because the year has been bit of a dud in a lot of ways (incredibly excellent in others) and the world always needs laughter - especially, at Christmas. 

Let's start with easy-peasy best selling gifts we know the average awesome human will love, whether it's someone you've had a few awkward elevator chats with at the office or it's your Uncle who swears a lot. 

Get the hint post-it notes and magnets. Pure KK GOLD!

We have all been doing this quiz with each other, it is very cute when you get "two peas in a pod" as your compatibility score with your favourite work buddy. Designed by one very clever Lisbon liver, if only we could do the quiz whilst in Portugal, that would be nice. A wonderful gift for your lover or your mates - it's a ca-ute one. 


Based on two installation works by our favourite British artist David Shrigley, these shoelaces are a wild and wonderful way to bring art into the everyday! Shoelaces are just mega fun too, underrated in our opinion. 

Ahh the citra sipper, why didn't I think of that!! Jam it into an Orange and suck. Hello sweet sweet orange juice nectar. This is a good one to give to someone with a bag of oranges, that's a weird present and we like it. Orange you glad we included this?





We'll just leave this nose here. $2.50. You'd be crazy not to chuck one in the cart right? 


How we love this game!! The Illustrations are little artworks on their own and it's actually very hard!! A wonderful one to get a group involved in and a great gift for the art lover.

This is a goody for the smoker of the office we think - always back in five minutes aren't ya!

So those are our go-to's but there are SO many more here and more arriving all the time!

Ok here's one more. 


Gift it with one of these!


Ok so maybe you don't want to give them willy stuff, just go with Glow Socks OR Colour Drip Candles OR just a big roll of packing tape that says box of crap? They are all wonderful. GO CHRISTMAS!

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