Hey gang, happy Christmas madness period to all! Our brains are a little full of end of year to-dos but we still wanted to share our 'best of' lists with you, because despite the madness we love Christmas, so here goes! 

Stocking stuffers and Kris Kringle often get scrambled together like a Christmas Pavlova but they are so, so different! Our curated selection of stocking stuffers has been hand chosen by our team for the kids. Stockings are for kids people, and we have so many cute/weird/kinda wrong bits to stuff their stockings! 

Yodelling Bacon

First up it's the yodelling bacon. Check out our Instagram page for a demo here, it's such a cute little yodel, addictive to press, seriously great stocking stuffer. 

Fart Box Sound Machine

While we're on the topic of sounds. Fart sounds, nine of them. Stuff it in the stockings people, because farts are funny and Christmas is about lols. 

Bath Crayons

Bath Crayons are so much fun for the little humans, if this is often a tricky time these could be a saviour. Plus why not make more of life creative we say, even bath time. 

Slime Boogers


Mmm delicious. They will think you're so cool for stuffing their stocking with boogers. 

The Poo Floater

We had to feature something poo related, and this is the ultimate poo prank for us. Another bath time toy to add to the collection.

That's a wrap on our top five Stocking Stuffers, there's plenty more to shop here, plus don't forget to check out our look book for even more ideas!

Stocking Stuffers and Gifts for Kids

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