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Seeing our inboxes fill up with news on sold-out exhibitions and hype and admiration for some of the artists we have been lucky enough to collaborate with both previously and currently has got us feeling all warm and fuzzy this week. Through our mission of making art accessible, we are lucky enough to not only collaborate with these brilliant artists but also work with some of the most visited museums and galleries in the world.

It's not just about the art at exhibitions either, the art of extending the visitors experience via the gift shop is one we marvel in! With so many amazing exhibitions currently showing, many who also have Third Drawer Down in the gift shop, we thought we would go through some of the items you can get right here, right now - just in case you can't shoot off to MoMA. There's also a few tales behind the treasures, because we like sharing why we make stuff!

Let's start with Yayoi Kusama, because if you haven't been seeing her around the 'internet block' you must be living under a rock. Her show at The Broad in LA is set to open October 1st, with the first month completely sold out and a waiting list to follow! We were lucky enough to work exclusively with the Broad on their merchandise for the exhibition - but that stories to come! PLUS we are also collaborating once again with QAGOMA on their Yayoi Kusama collection for the upcoming October show there -which we have to go to! Road trip anyone?

The world has gone mad for the polka dot queen, especially since the announcement of her very own museum in Tokyo opening, and we couldn't be more proud to have collaborated with her in 2012 for the Whitney Museum Retrospective. This very exclusive collection is only available at top museums and Third Drawer Down.  

Shop Yayoi Kusama here

Louise Bourgeois is one of Abi's favourite artists of.all.time. Abi had the joy of meeting Louise before she passed away, and to this day we collaborate with her foundation in New York directly, The Easton Foundation. This year we, quite randomly, released a Louise Bourgeois Mousepad. This has been a product the Easton Foundation has wanted to work on with us for a long time, so we were honoured to pull it together and feature a pretty, pretty amazing image of Louise Bourgeois in the process for the packaging. It's a studio favourite, she looks so beautiful and relaxed. Louise has painted herself as a cat, it features on our Cat Pouch, and her fondness for animals is evident throughout many of her works. Everyone needs a mousepad with a Cat with a Mouse on it. 


Some of the other items sitting alongside this exhibition are the silk eye mask, coaster set and garden tools and apron. 



Shop Louise Bourgeois here

Next in this non-intentional but all the more amazing line-up of women artists is the Guerrilla Girls. The masked crusaders have just wrapped up at NY Book Fair and are on the road to LA. Exhibiting our collections alongside books and other amazing ways to make noise and support them - these women have been anonymously bringing light to many issues in the art industry, and not just gender discrimination. We are all ears and can't wait to share our new collection with you! Here's a sneak peek - available now for pre-order and designed and ADORED by the Guerrilla Girls who will be wearing them with you. 

Shop Guerrilla Girls here.

Last but not least we had to share our latest collaboration with British artist David Shrigley, if you think David is prolific, you're right, he is. We have so much fun working with David on product ideas, dreams of his and dreams of ours come together in a big mish-mash of crazy-ass dreams, and dreams can come true because we are bringing back the Heroin and Cocaine Salt and Pepper Shakers AND we have adapted two of our favourite installation pieces of David's into shoelaces.  

David has a show in Tokyo happening now and has also been in the press with his public installation piece for Folkstone Triennial

Shop David Shrigley here.  

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