Take a walk down Shrigley Lane

In celebration of 10 YEARS collaborating with British artist David Shrigley, we are taking a walk down memory lane. Actually, let's run, like this guy, away from our responsibilities!

David Shrigley

Ok back to the memory lane walking. We started collaborating with David Shrigley in 2007, Abi can hardly remember the journey, it's been so world wind BUT it began with a tea towel, of course (a now "out of edition" tea towel that you can WIN. It may actually be the last one around!  

Spend $50 on D.Shrig to go in the draw, the third drawer *wink* 

From this tea towel release the D.Shrig fan base was revealed, and when the Tate Modern bought the collection for their museum design store we knew this collaboration was going to be bigger than Shrigley (he's really tall guys) Alas, we started making products, many many products. Accessible art products! David is very behind our accessible art mantra and has always provided works and ideas to make our products bigger and better than any of our imaginations combined.

So here goes, a walk down memory lane or some of our favourite stops along the way! 

Our quilt covers sold very quickly, and why wouldn't they, who wouldn't want to sleep with Shrigley! 

Decalmania! Who remembers this one? Where we invited lovers of bringing art into the everyday to play like children. The process of ‘Decalcomania’ stretches back into the history of art as a playful technique to transfer number, letters, and illustrations from one surface to another. German artist Max Ernst was a ‘Decalcomaniac’ as were surrealists Oscar Dominguez and Hans Bellmer. Abi was in love with this process and didn't want to see it disappear and so amongst other artists, we collaborated with D.Shrig on a letra set. 


Our collection for the NGV General Store was a huge hit in 2014, with pieces that now remain in our permanent collection and a few cheeky cats that have just been re-released today! If you believe in rights for soft toys, and why wouldn't you, then you're going to want to see these. 

 We love this photo. Everyone should have one of these totes, this is D.Shrig GOLD. 

Play Collection 
The Play Collection features some of our all-time best-selling products, including the F-ing Ace Air Freshener and Collect Records Frisbee. This collection stands as a perfect example of our mission to create functional, yet sculptural and collectible products that will be enjoyed but also become keepsakes for their happy owners! You can pass your deck of Shrigley cards down to your grandchildren with a story about how f-ing ace you were at playing cards back in the day. 

The Cat-Shaped Purse! Moving into accessories with D.Shrig was very exciting and we can't wait to see more and more wearable art!

Finally our latest collection, a pool party of new products and some very collectible new favourites can be shopped here. We will leave you with this final message from our latest tea towel. 


Thank you Shrigley people, we love you. 

x Third Drawer Down 


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