School Holiday Saviours

Ahh the joy, ahh the pain. Are we right? The School Holidays are a wonderful time for the youngens to be youngens, with no responsibilities we say it's the perfect time to make a mess in the kitchen, experiment with science, read and learn and make and just be a kid. 

Here's our school holidays top five, enjoy. 

1. Cook up a storm with Lunch Lady, the pro on entertaining kids with food. 

The latest issue of Lunch Lady magazine, Issue 4, lets you in on the secrets of popcorn, muffins, pita bread, pressed flower biccies, garden tea and vanilla slice plus plenty more, It's a beauty for parents and child, and is a keeper. 

2. If we're going to make chemistry fun, we're going to need to make it edible.

Fizzy drinks, polymer pudding and colour changing jelly. Sound like fun? That's because it is!

Edible Chemistry Kit for Kids

3. Learn the ins and outs of becoming a fabric painting whizz. 

This is a life skill right here. Author Todd Oldham is an absolute master in the fashion fabric world and this book outlines and guides you to the many many ways you can change and customise fabric. Days of fun right here. 

Fabric Painting Book

4. Read read read. We've got a range of books for all age groups, but if dogs and food are in your top five then this one's for you. 

Harolds Hungry Eyes

5. Lastly, why not set up your craft room to it's absolute maximum potential and add in as many fun erasers and pen holders as possible, starting with this burger shaped eraser (will honestly last a life time) and yes you do want fries with that, a fries pen holder. 

HAPPY HOLS KIDS! We're jealous. 

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