Mum is God. Oh Yes She Is.

Sometimes things happen in this crazy studio of ours that really make us stop, smile and appreciate how great our job of collaborating with brilliant artists like David Shrigley really is. Like when you shoot D.Shrig an email while he's in New Zealand exhibiting his latest genius body of works and say "Hey we want to do a Mother's Day enamel Pin with you!"(abbreviated for effect) and within hours he has sent you an original work ready to be morphed into, well, THE BEST PIN EVER. We are so excited to launch our MUM IS GOD enamel pin with you, an exclusive creation between two creatives all about making art accessible! Wearing a piece of David Shrigley for Mum this Mother's day is where it is AT. Wear your art on your sleeve-or your bag, or your jacket, or your pocket, or your hat!? All great enamel pin placement ideas there. 

Onto the pin, here she is, featured with some of our favourite artist Mums! Happy Mother's Day (in advance) to all the ace Mums out there. You created us, so we created this. 

Del Kathryn Barton

Image via acmi. 

Another wonderful, inspirational Mother and Third Drawer Down collaborator is Del Kathryn Barton. The two time Archibald Prize-winning artist has collaborated with us on two best-selling collections now and we are sending her a massive shout out this Mother's Day for being a strong woman in the arts, who collaborates and embraces creativity on a regular basis and is always reaching to new heights with her art. Which, if you haven't seen animated, is brilliant! 

Misaki Kawai

Image via Contemporary Art Daily.

Misaki Kawai we love you! If you don't follow this clever Mama, you should be. Her beautiful Brooklyn life and family will give you the warm fuzzies and her artwork is wonderful, hence why we collaborated with her back in 2010! Always love catching up on what Misaki is up to, she's on to watch for sure..

Yoko Ono 
Image Courtesy Yoko Ono official Flickr.

Yoko Ono, you are on our list of wonderful women to be like always. Yoko is a proud Mama and has actually written a piece titled "Our Mother's are Beautiful" and also this one, which we thought we would share. She is an inspirational artist, activist, and writer. 

Mommy, I’m sorry.
You have suffered silently.
Your life, your tears
and your laughter
have now become a memory.
This is a tribute to you and
all mothers of the world
from each of your children.
One last one, an honorary Mama who's not an artist but an art lover, a beautiful woman, actress, and Mother and who actually visited our store in Fitzroy last year and had us all in a spin. She is fierce. We love you, Susan Sarandon. 

Susan Sarandon


Image via TerraDi Siena 

And finally, it's time to get yourself a pin! The perfect way to gift Mum and yourself at the same time. See what we've done? You're welcome.

The Mum is God Pin is available to purchase for $10 OR spend $60 on Mum and it's yours for FREE!

Mum is God David Shrigley Pin 

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