Mother's Day Special : Louise Bourgeois and her Maman

“I came from a family of repairers,” she said. “The spider is a repairer. If you bash into the web of a spider, she doesn’t get mad. She weaves and repairs it.” -Louise Bourgeois

If you were to be told there was a 30ft tall spider made of steel, bronze and marble standing taller than any other sculpture and able to be experienced, that you could walk right under it and feel it tower over you-you may feel a little terrified! Somehow though, when you know the heart behind Maman and Louise Bourgeois's adoration of her Mother who has shaped many of her works, it's not so scary, in fact, it's incredibly incredible and a quite an emotional experience for many. We wanted to share the true meaning behind this powerful sculpture, one of the largest in the world, and wish Mother's everywhere a beautiful Mother's Day, for there is nobody like you. 


Maman is a breathtakingly large steel spider supported on eight slender, knobbly legs. Each ribbed leg ends in a sharp-tipped point and is made of two pieces of steel, it is attached to a collar above which an irregularly ribbed spiralling body rises, balanced by a similarly sized egg sac below.

"The spider, who protects her precious eggs in a steel cage-like body, provokes awe and fear, but her massive height, improbably balanced on slender legs, conveys an almost poignant vulnerability." - Meghan Dailey for the Guggenheim. 

Louise's Mother was her best friend, a tapestry repairer who died when the artist was 21 years of age. She delved into the pain of her loss through creating and carrying the spider throughout her works. Maman being her most famous. 

We have been lucky enough to collaborate with The Easton Foundation for many many years now on designing products that translate the work of one our favourite artists Louise Bourgeois into special products for the everyday, a relationship that was originally established via our custom project for Louise Bourgeois and her exhibition at the Tate back in 2008 before she passed away. Louise always comes to mind to us over Mother's Day -and teaches us to find beauty, pain -all of it and turn it into something magnificent. 

We are wishing all the Mum/Mom's a beautiful Mother's Day and are also hoping one day, we can stand under Maman


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