Margaret Preston : 4 Flourishing Facts!

Truth be told, It wasn't actually until last year during Heide's Making Modernism Exhibition that we truly fell in the love with the work of Margaret Preston. It was through our research and collaboration with Heide, Queensland Art Gallery and now The National Gallery of Australia though that we truly learnt what a badass artist she was for her time! Upon the launch of our Margaret Preston collection today, we wanted to share a few ( 4 flouring to be exact) facts with you all, as it really does add context and attitude to what is so much more than beautiful botanicals. It's very special for us to make collections like this that allow you to bring art into your home in a unique and accessible way!
Our Margaret Preston collection, in collaborative license with The National Gallery of Australia, is now available to pre-order. Just in time for Mother's day (wink wink) 

4 Flourishing Facts!
1. Believe it or notMargaret was one musical myrtle! In her practice she developed her own custom colour scale just to suit her work, to do so she applied both scientific and music theory. Giving her painting and prints a sense of rhythm, harmony and balance! 

2. This rebellious Rhodamnia rejected traditional art techniques, using cheap and convenient cardboard to paint on instead of the more commonly used primed canvas. It's innovative acts like this that helped pave the way for many modern Australian artists that followed her.

3. Although her work may seem like simple studies, Preston would take careful consideration in the composition of her work, playing with the concept of framing within the piece.

"When we try to imprison that beauty we must make the type of picture fit a frame, so I design with the utmost care, the exact position of every tiny detail in leaf and flower, bowl and pot which will fit into that frame. It takes me ten times longer to get the design perfect in my mind as it does to do the work."

4. Considered an innovator of her generation and among the most distinctive and influential artists in Australia, we can thank this key figure for the early development of Modern Art in Sydney! So let's hear it for Margaret Preston the Banksia Babe!

Shop Margaret Preston here. 

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