A closer look at 'Spiders by Louise Bourgeois' at SFMOMA with Gab

Our cute-as-a-button buyer and angel of all trades Gab recently took herself to the US of A for some sun and art! We asked for a re-cap on her visit to SFMOMA as we were green with envy! Here it is, in her words, as well as some tips for your visit! 

Louise Bourgeois' Spiders exhibition currently showing at SFMOMA, despite being in a considerably small space, left a large lasting impression. The sheer size and visual qualities of the sculptures are entirely captivating let alone the complex and dual-natured perception of the creatures in her work.
This exhibition touches on the role spiders played in her practice, as a biographical expression as well a representation of intelligence and resourcefulness.

Looming in their entirety in the museum's sculpture gallery on Floor 5, Louise Bourgeois Spiders embodies themes of maternal figures exploring their roles as creators, protectors and repairers. In 'Ode to my Mother', Bourgeois compares her own mother to a spider, ‘because my best friend was my mother and she was deliberate, clever, patient, soothing, reasonable, dainty, subtle, indispensable, neat, and useful as an araignée [spider]. She could also defend herself, and me…’ 

There she is! Our Gab at SFMOMA - here’s her hot tips to help you get the most out of your SFMOMA visit!
#1 Yes it really is as big as they say so brace yourself, go in well caffeinated and with a belly full of food because this seven-story mega museum is going to take some time. I’m personally a start at the top and work my way down kinda gal but you do you! Any way you cut it, you’re in for a treat.

#2 You think you know what you’re in for… but you really have no clue! Whatever expectations you head in with, SFMOMA will take you for a ride. The collection and exhibitions are so extensive that you’re bound to see something that excites, engages or educates you! So my recommendation is let the museum do what it does best…Blow. Your. Mind.

#3 Take a free tour led by the amazing and knowledgeable staff… did I mention it's FREE?! I’m that person who’s keen to strike up a conversation with just about anyone in a gallery or museum, I could chat the ear off Van Gogh so this was right up my alley! The tours are an accessible way to get the most out of the works on display, learning fun facts, artist information and maybe even a whole new way of viewing art with the help of your fellow tourists. 

Thanking Gab for the tips and the snaps! Share your Spider stories with us via Instagram @thirddrawerdown and shop our range of Louise Bourgeois products here.

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