Japanese artist Misaki Kawai's exhibition Pine Cone Times at The Hole, New York

Image via The Hole NYC
“Pine Cone Times” is Misaki Kawai’s third solo exhibition at The Hole,  Bowery, New York. The Hole described her paintings as ‘what Misaki calls “sloppy style” or the hasty, brushy improvisational style that she has implemented many times in her career.’  (See article) Misaki’s playful sense of humour is captured alongside vibrant, child-like colours and formations of misshapen dogs and cats, girls and boys, flowers and footwear.
Born in Kagawa, Japan, 1978, Misaki Kawai currently lives and works in New York. With an architect for a father and a talented puppetmaker for a mother Misaki was exposed to creating and building from a young age, making dolls, sewing, drawing and painting throughout her childhood.
She continues to employ these practices on a larger scale today, using, in her sculpture and installations, a riot of methods to make nearly every object appearing in her miniature worlds. And although her mother’s needlework was impeccable, Misaki favored a more haphazard handmade look. Kawai makes work that keeps the innocent, honest integrity of youthful playfulness, but on a more grand and sophisticated level. Her sculptures have ranged from various unconventional aircrafts to secret icy mountain space stations.

Recently Misaki Kawai also exhibited “Fluffy Days”, another solo exhibition which toured Seoul’s Avenues Art Hall and Busan’s Lotte Gallery earlier in 2018. 

Third Drawer Down collaborated with Misaki Kawai on a set of pillowcases with a digital art print on one side. These pillowcases bring the playful air of Kawai to ones home.
October 11 – November 11, 2018
OPENING: Thursday, October 11th from 6-9pm

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