Inspiration: Christo & Jeanne-Claude

Couple goals right here.

Christo & Jeanne-Claude were environmental artists who namely worked on large scale projects using fabric and rope to create their works. Coincidentally born on the same day, they were considered prolific and when we were obsessed with the idea of using fabric, and a lot of it, for our Mother's Day gift ideas shoot-we knew we had to turn to these two for inspiration! 

Side note; If it looks like the person under this satin dream above couldn't breathe, you would be correct, all in the name of art though right, and for Mums everywhere of course. Don't try this at home. 

Back to the art, the pair worked on major projects from 1961, with standouts being their Surrounding Islands project which involved 14 days of wrapping 6.5 million square feet of pink fabric (channeling hibiscus and flamingos) around 11 islands. The work involved a massive clean up, with a huge amount of rubbish freed from the islands. 

Up next, 'Wrapped Monuments', this is one of our favourites. In the fall of 1970, in Milan, Italy, Christo and Jeanne-Claude wrapped the monument to the king of Italy Vittorio Emanuele II and the monument to Leonardo da Vinci.

The Gates, in 2005 in New York was another standout for us in our quest for inspiration, it involved 7,503 vinyl gates, with free-flowing nylon fabric panels, anchored to 15,006 steel bases on 37 kilometers of walkways, oh and it took 16 days. We can barely remember what we did in the last 16 days! Except for wrapping ourselves in satin, that we remember. 

All of the artist's works are outlined on their website, with the duration of the project noted here

Wonderful humans and our inspiration for Mother's Day. We hope you enjoy. More to come next week!

In the meantime, you can shop for your one and only Mother Dearest right here on our carefully curated Mother's day gift ideas edit. Mother's Day is May 14th kids! 



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