Let's All Make Holiday Hip Flask Cocktails

Booze Hipflask David Shrigley

It's beginning to look a lot like NO no, not ready. How is it already Christmas? Who knows. What we do know is we need a drink. Which is why we designed a hip flask with David Shrigley, just in time for the silly season. You could easily just fill him with whiskey and call it a day, or you could have a read through our suggested hip flask cocktails and call it a party!

Here's our top three. 

We're kicking things off with gin
Here's what you do. Into the spout of your hip flask add your gin, push some blueberries in there, a touch of sugar if you like, and top up with soda. Screw the lid back on, give it a few tilts to mix and leave for an hour or so if you can. 

Next up vodka, let's team it with gummi bears, because tis the season to add sugar to everything. And booze. 
Add your vodka, squeeze your gummi bears in there and top with soda. Let them marinate in the vodka for maximum gummi goodness. Warning this will make your tongue coloured, and you'll look like a fool. 

Last but not least we're featuring a cocktail from LA bar, The Nice Guy. It's called The Chairman and it's made up of Gentleman Jack, Aperol, cacao, salted cola reduction, and cider vinegar served in a traditional steel flask. Now that is a DRINK! 

If all of this sounds way to hard after a day of Christmas Shopping, then whiskey is always a winner. Meanwhile, everyone wants a flask for Christmas, an arty flask. 

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