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It's beginning to look a lot like SANTA'S WORKSHOP, that's right this is our time to shine and we wanna shine bright. That's why we hunt the globe hard for the best gifts, so you can shop for everyone at Third Drawer Down, from your housemates to your Nana. 

It's also been a great year for Third Drawer Down Studio our ongoing mission to make art accessible. 2017 is our TENTH year collaborating with David Shrigley (it's a Shig-a-versary) so we thought we would bring back a favourite, yes the Heroin and Cocaine Salt and Pepper Shakers are back (and we're guna party like it's 1999.) We also released a new collection with Guerrilla Girls, which is getting a lot of attention over in the US of A with the masked crusaders taking over book fairs around the country. We worked very closely with the artists on this collection, detailing exactly where the embroidered cut out eyes on the tote bag sit so you, in fact, can wear this gem as a mask and making sure the kids t-shirt was exactly the right yellow to match your child's banana. It's a wonderful collection, celebrating women in the arts and making noise for a message we are so passionate about. 

We're also making wallets smile with our latest Hi Art project, a collection of bite-size art movements all $10 and under. Perfect Kris Kringle and Stocking Stuffer pressies! 

Enough talk. Here's some action. 

The stuff you want, as chosen by some of team TDD. 



"I'm buying these for my housemates so I can use them (insert evil laughter)"


Classic Jeff. 
Titties and Wilies (we just said that in a Scottish accent, because these are from Scotland)
We love our new leather accessories. Tiny little penis pads, bag tags, key chains and bookmarks. Perfect KK treats. These are Abi's favourite new arrival. 

You'll have to take a close look at this puzzle to really see what it says. If you're a Guerrilla Girls you'll love it, if you're a fan of Donald Trump, not so much. Going on a road trip with your best lady? This is the perfect gift.

"The Guerrilla Girls know how to shock and please at the same time, just like my best friend! This one's for her - plus it's so easy to wrap - BOOM. 


This is a spread from the best adult colouring book there ever was. If you haven't watched Broad City then you may be confused (and you need to watch it stat) if you have then you know. And you want it don't you? Pages of illustrations by Mike Perry, ready to become little artworks coloured by you! We're getting the watercolours out and making a day of it. 

"YAS QUEEN! Who is the Abbi to your Illana? Who's your Trey? Who's your Lincoln ;). Get them all the best colouring book ever made! Not suitable for unwoke individuals under 12"

So they have everything and every year you're all like "another candle perhaps?" Not this year! This year they get the famous Large Fancy Room Filled with Crap tea towel. There's no shame in it. Bri knows. 

"This Shrigley tea towel is the perfect gift for all humans!  It tells them not to be ashamed because we all have a room filled with crap!"

Well, this is gorgeous. Making its debut this year in design and museum stores around the world the Sun Solar Lamp is the perfect kid's gift that won't give you the pangs of "what if this just gets ignored. It won't.  When artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen learned that 1.1 billion people worldwide live without electricity, they teamed up and created the Little Sun Solar Lamp to help impoverished communities across the world gain access to light. By selling the Little Suns, the makers are able to help send their solar lamps to villages without affordable electricity. It's what Liv is gifting both her nieces.
"My nieces are such bookworms and love getting a book from Aunty Liv every year, this is the perfect little extra to go with- that can also educate them on solar energy and how cool it is." 

Ain't no better way to way a banana than with rainbow cutlery. That's why these are going on Kitty's wishlist. Because Christmas is also about making your own list you know! 
"Somewhere over the rainbow, you'll find me eating rainbow ice cream with my rainbow spoon. One set of these please Santa!" 

You know how if you're naughty you should only get a lump of coal in your stocking? Or a potato? Well, how about a Potato pin for your naughty mates? 
"These pins are so perfect for putting inside a card instead of a scratchie!"
The Paper Watch. What a time to be alive! Watch giving is a personal business. Give them a blank canvas. 

"Like a Rolex, but the custom version! Kids go wild for these."
It's wouldn't be a Christmas list without the stress banana
It's scented guys. 
Just get one for yourself to get you through this crazy-ass time we call Christmas. 

"It's scented you guys"
Me, just then. 

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