Don't forget Mum!

Well it's here, that time of year where you really should..

Thanks Susan. We will. 

The call is good, well-done chumps, but you know what's better? Breakfast in Bed. You may have to get up at 5am to beat wonder woman at serving herself but it will be worth it. Serve up Champagne + Croissants with a side of Third Drawer Down and you've got yourself a very happy Mama. She deserves it after all, and you get to start the day with Champagne. 

Here's our picks for making Breakfast in Bed beautiful - for new mums, old-er mums, dads that are mums, grandparents that are like mums! All of you-you're absolute gems and we adore you. 

The first thing you need is coffee. No? Here's the best of our coffee supplies for Mum - the best part is you can gift some/keep some! Win win!

The first thing you'll need is a Mum mug. We think David Shrigley is just the ticket to get a morning pre-coffee giggle. Make sure it's facing the "I've Done Everything" side for serving. You can switch it to "I've done Nothing" when you're still in bed drinking champagne at 4pm. 

Not a Shrigley fan? Chub Mug - a beautiful handmade gift for her to cherish - plus, on the low-down, this is the maker's last batch - so this is a super rare treat! Last design left - hurry! 

Next: coffee - we've got the maker you get the beans. This Yield Coffee Maker is one of those pour-over beauties you see in the oh-so-Melbourne cafes and we love it, careful, this method is more addictive than caffeine, you feel really special making pour-over coffee. Available in Amber and light grey glass, Mum will think you're so fancy. 

Coffee & Champagne was the deal remember? You're going to want to treat her to some special glassware. Enter the king, Tom Dixon. 

If you're looking to really spoil her, our Tom Dixon Brass Teapot is a beautiful hero for your spread. Now all you need is to serve some pastries or pancakes on some of our Louise Bourgeois plates, with a side of jam and cream served on Japanese ceramic from Hasami. Finish off by piling your pieces on a breadboard by Edward Wohl and get ready to watch her face light up. 

You nailed it. Here's one we prepared earlier. 

and another one, deconstructed with a few gift ideas too!

You can't forget a little present next to pastries, we gift wrap for these very occasions you know.

We have put together a curated selection of gifts for every Mum here - but may we suggest a tea towel? It's our 15th Birthday this year and it all started with a single tea towel - a tea towel that questioned what is art? so there's a nice little story to tell Mum there! Because tea towels are art where we come from. 
Our Del Kathryn Barton, Margaret Preston or David Shrigley bestsellers would be our top suggestions for tea towel gifting - but have a peek at it all because there's a lot of goodness to be gifted. 

Don't forget Mum, and don't forget with all orders $50+ within Australia you'll go into the draw to win a Mother's Day hamper - consider the Champagne sorted thanks Blackhearts and Sparrows!) Champagne glasses ready and a lovely little collection to gift Mum featuring works from one of Australia's leading artists Margaret Preston. Read about all that here


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