David Shrigley X Fifth Avenue NYC

Our favourite British artist of many words and satirical pictures has just launched his latest, and largest, sculpture standing tall on New York City's fifth avenue and we couldn't be more devastated that we just missed seeing it in the flesh! 

David Shrigley Sculpture

The 17 foot tall granite tomb stone titled 'Memorial' details an everyday shopping list and thanks to support from the Public Art Fund is currently Shrigley's largest work to date.  

“I think if you can laugh at something, then you instinctively understand it,” Shrigley says. A shopping list and a memorial serve the same function — to remember — and they tap into the human desire for resonance. “Often when people are taken away, they’re just taken away. Without any great glorious reminder of who they were under the circumstances in which they departed,” he says.

Our only concern is that Nutella is at the bottom!

If you're lucky enough to be in NYC or heading in that direction, we think it's a must see. As are some of our favourite creations from David Shrigley below. 

David Shrigley Mug

David Shrigley Wall Art

Quote taken from Blouinartinfo.

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