Bum Bags - they're back babay!

It's true, the bum bag has crossed over, no longer just a part of your Mum's 80's slide-show, bum bags were everywhere at New York Fashion week this year and boy do people have something to say about it. Whether you are of the 'Hell No' or the 'Finally!' family, there's no denying, fanny packs are so comfortable!!! Our latest fanny pack collab with Melbourne artist Frances Cannon is also cute AS, plus its bright pink neoprene and part of a glorious message for self-love. Also, we call it the Franny Pack. 

We thought the launch of the Franny Pack called for some facts on the fanny, pack that is, so we had some fun on google and here we go. But first, this. 

and this

Fanny facts!

-The first high fashion version of the fanny pack was made by Chanel. Bum bags of this line can be found on eBay for around 3k!!

-Some people call it a buffalo pouch. 

-There’s an episode of Seinfeld where Jerry tells George that his bumbag looks like his belt is digesting a small animal.” You have to watch it. George is pretty much the coolest guy in Melbourne if he rocked up at a party today though.

-We loved this line from an article in Amuse: 

"Recently spotted in a similar fashion on Matthew McConaughey out with his son, the fanny pack remains a symbol of pragmatism and good American parenthood – a simple way to always have an asthma inhaler and money for ice cream at hands reach"

-There are very mixed reports on the revival of the bum bag, but Blood Orange is our guy from many accounts.  

-The Franny Pack is the only fanny pack you need this summer. FACT :) 


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