Because we love David Shrigley

Hello fellow D.Shrig lover! We're very excited to share this Shrigley 'stuff' with you, he's very good at doing stuff, and we love designing stuff with him!

To celebrate our latest accessories collection of cufflinks, hip-flask and purses we wanted to go all David Shigley, so here's our top three 'you gotta see this'. 

We're sure you've already seen this one, but in case you haven't, LOOK! A GIANT THUMBS UP! The forth plinth sculpture in Trafalgar Square, entitled "Really good" is David's largest piece to date, and after a morning of downpour is shining bright as a symbol of hope, and to remind everyone that "everything is good". 

David Shrigley

Image via Sputnik.
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“What this represents is so important,” said the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, revealing the latest artwork to occupy the renowned spot.

“Optimism. Positivity. The best of us. Particularly post-Brexit, the three most important words I say are ‘London is open’ and this shows Londoners, visitors to London, tourists, EU citizens, immigrants that London is open.”-taken from the guardian

Remember our Everything is Good Linen Tea Towel? Out of edition now, but how we loved this collaboration. If you're lucky enough to have one of these, go you. 

everything is good print

Next one is a bit about us, because we're a hard working little Melbourne studio so designing objects for galleries from New York to China is pretty exciting. We designed and produced this patch for M WOODS gallery in Beijing, and couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out! Hello Andy Warhol!

David Shrigley at M WOODS Gallery

Tell us you didn't know David Shrigley was also a DJ and we're blowing your mind? Be sure to check out the rest of what Dj Shrigley has to offer, but here's a taste. Yes. Yes. 


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